Donate for the new reality Talk Show
United Youth Empowerment Services is a non-profit organization which means we are raising money so we can start a new program called Immigrant Youth TV. When this is fully working, the Immigrant community here in Maine and will be able to watch the project from their home television. UnitedYES is helping continue their culture here in the United States, but we also want to help them understand the systems here in the US.  We hope that with our help the many thousands of Immigrant in Lewiston or Auburn will never lose their native languages.

If anybody could help us technically, that would be wonderful.  Or if you could donate either money or equipment to us. whatever you can afford to donate to us, we will be forever thankful.

We are  still pushing to start this project, because  we pay everything from our pocket.

Thank you for your time and for considering this request to help create a stronger community.

Thank You So Much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  Noor Salah, Omar Hassan, walking toward to the forest to record "The Promise" Clip.