The most important programs that United Youth Empowerment Services currently providing to our community are Documentary of farming, Capture Autobiography, Taking-Shows, Free video and Photos Services, Skills transfer training, financial literacy.

The second program is biography Which is interviewing people about their lives and make a movie about their lives. 

 Our hope to achieve this project is to capture a great possible footage and edit professionally well.The project contains great possibilities for non  profits organizations which would like to participate. Through the filming with a few significant organizations we hope to provide the education  films of knowledge that is needed to launch a serious public advice films. while we entertain our Community we are hoping them to understand  the story of the film beginning to the end. After watching the film we are hoping to see positive changes in our community. This will make our  Community extremely strengthen and make our Community improve well, Because the film will teach our community how to be stressed out and  to be self sufficient. in additions to that they will learn the difference between Negative and positive as well.

 We produce film and video but we also train younger folks to make their own multimedia productions. No other group in Maine is doing this work  with immigrants.  We plan to produce documentary-style films, but will also work on short narrative ones with clear educational messages, as well  as some didactic talk shows. Although the educational modules will range widely, we see public health messaging as primary.  By public health we  mean such information as: The importance of washing hands before sharing a meal; how to properly use prescription and OTC medications; basic  information about maintaining reproductive health; fundamental home health care tips, including, perhaps, emergency CPR; tenants’ rights when  dealing with landlords over such issues as lead abatement; awareness of various forms of substance abuse; conveying the imperative to never text  while driving or to always cough into one’s sleeve, etc. We also will do some profiling of successful or enterprising members of the community  (entrepreneurs, farmers, sports stars, etc.).  In addition, we will pay attention to community-building through transferring knowledge of customary  cultural practices to coming generations (handicrafts, poetry, festivals, music, dance, farming techniques, games, etc.). Most importantly, we want  to produce videos about interactions in the community--with police, the courts, hospitals, the schools, work life. We see and experience racial bias  on a regular basis. We will begin this next set of videos with the topics of criminal justice inequities and health care disparities.