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The positive outcomes of constructive collaboration are numerous
The Communities Meeting Nov 24, 2016. The meeting held at Mir's, beginning at 6:20 pm PM. The attendance list attached shows about 40 people were in attendance in addition to our United Youth Empowerment Services team two members. Both iman of the L/A mosques, sheik Salah And Sheikh Abdikhadir, began with an introduction of the development team members imam explanation of the proposed. About 10 people asked questions and voiced concerns to the entire group. Individual team members spoke to numerous people about the plans during the meeting. The leaders talked about several components such as how to Customized Solutions, Conflict Prevention, Relationship-building,   
Positive Environment,  Access to Information, and Behavioral Change. 

UnitedYES records local Events such as 

We record traditional poetry

Criminal Justic

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We train youth to record and take effective photos​ 

​We take family photos for new arrivals to send to family back home

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