Basic Video, Audio,Photo and Editing Traning

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Our Traning is Unlimited and Every one is wellcome.

Free capturing recording and editing Traning
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Najma Abdinoor her frist day of traning

           Even though video and photo capturing are already present or the practice is inadequate we still need more and do better, In Central Maine, we are the only ones who are providing free services such as capturing photo's, audio and video recording. When our community sees us recording events they mostly surprise and when we enlighten to our free great service they really don’t believe it. In Central Maine, there are lots of immigrants who want to share their idea in social network and also send a great audio and visual message to the community or even their family back home, but the luck of the services. Therefore UnitedYES are here to train and provide free services to our community.  There are people out there who are willing to send out effective messages such as motivating people, Health awareness, and advice, encourage and teach positive expectations.  

                                  Working on School Project

           The Sense of UnitedYES idea is extremely different than what has already been done. While brainstorming UnitedYES members and Visitors realized that each had spent a good chunk of time photographing and videoing street artist and community assemblies. After that, UnitedYES acknowledged that the leaders are responsible brainstorming the innovative programs such as training photographic, audio recorder as well as video capture system. UnitedYES come up with a system of creating effective training programs such as keeping Adult learning principle in mind, developing learning object and designing training materials. These programs pieces of knowledge and transfer memory to our community and learners may remember and retain concepts better than with other instructional media.  

Youth At Masjidul Al-Salam

          UnitedYES meditates that this structure will have better results. Our community lived this Country for many years and not a single person mentioned of forming about this system in the previous. Neither other organizations come up with a way to approach youth and motivated through filming. UnitedYES had gathered youth as well as elders and mentioned to this free Video training program, a lots people positively respond.

         The video combines many kinds of data, such as image, motion, sound, and text. In that entry fashion, learning can be adjusted more easily than with other tools to diverse learning style and individual learning peace of students. With video, learners have more control over the information she/he receives and an additional opportunity for deeper learner by being able to stop reward and replay content as many time as needed.