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New England Tournament

Many of Lewiston Star young soccer players are probably wondering what it takes to become an "influential" played at the Lewiston Star. While a few players have high-quality technical skills, others have speed, and still others can kick the ball a long way or are strong in the air. It's one thing which makes a player get noticed. Walter likes to play with his Lewiston Star Captain Aden, Hilowle. Yet, Walter impressed his captain and many coaches by doing more things better than other peers, others may have impressed by simply being good over a wide range of abilities. Walter is a Lewiston Star soccer player since 2010 that is More than 6 years and never come up the thought to quit Lewsiton star. Of course everyone makes mistakes, when is the right time. Walter apologize whether the coach or etc. Walter is a good soccer player who could be a coach for Lewiston Star, and therefore have the ability to develop good habits. In addition, he communicates to others, mostly he always takes charge when the game is on the line. Walter is a player who has a good vision of what's happening on the field, Also make the game difficult. Lewiston Star are very proud of his hard work as well as the love he have for the team

             Walter- looking the camera

New England Tournament

Lewiston Star administrator Mohamed Mohamed, had to enter the soccer meadow to stop the quarrel from both sides to continue playing the event. Mr. Mohamed had a complex moment managing the Tournament, Both teams LS and Lewiston Community (LC) soccer team acted immaturely. As you see Mr. Mohamed is clearing up and calm down one of the players from the LC team. However, both teams had miscommunication. Mr. Mohamed has been managing Ls for the past two years. Insha-Allah (God Willing) his aim is to host a big soccer tournament for the Youth and adults around New England area, and to make Lewiston Star great again......
Mohamed Mohamed Lewiston Star AdminstratorHolding coffee cup

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