Talk Show 

Our talk show is normally posted to YouTube and Facebook on Thursday evenings. It varies in length from two minutes to 40 minutes depending on what we cover on that day. Perhaps you can give us feedback after you visit our website for more information.

Hygiene Awareness​

About Istinger

  Sufi- Salad Bulle Answering several questions about hygiene awareness. Sufi-Salad is mainly focusioning stinger cleaning oneself with water & tissue after utilizing lavatory). Some of the questions are included methods of cleaning one's private part after relieving oneself?. Sufi Salad explains in a certain ways and orders of washing the private parts. Include the method of using the US toilet. 

Guest: Sufi-Salad bulle                             Host: Abdinoor Hassan

Sports event

Indoor Soccer

         Guest's                                    Host:    
Coach: Osman Bashir                Noor Salah
Player: Abdullahi Muse
Player: Hilowle Aden  

Public Health Awareness

Lead Poisoning 

         Guest's                                    Host:    
  Mellissa Dun                             Fowsia Muse
  Tysir Jama  

Personal motivation 

About SBYAM ORG (English

Guest: Rilewan Osman

Host: Omar Hassan

About Organization

About SBYAM ORG (Somali) 

Guest: Rilewan Osman

Host: Bakal Muse

Cultural Profile

About Marriage & Education

  Peoples' opinions, about Cultural profile such as marriage, Education, etc. This video covers arrange marriage and general age of marriage.It also covers how people negatively and positively influence their culture to another. However, behalf of, educational system in Somali is really taught. Before the civil war, there were both public and private schools, but now, only private schools are available for those who can afford it. College or higher education can be pursued after the age of 17, if affordable. Prior to the war, higher education was free. Now elders have a great opportunity to go to adult school, but Most of them thinking that now they are really old. It's hard for them to learn.

Interviews:  Bakal muse, Jama Mohamed,  Iman Osman