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 Preparation of Ramadhan
Sports event
Ramadan soccer 2016

Our Up Coming video will be include!!! 

-          The nature and impact of Immigrants cultural differences and awareness
-          Building cultural understanding and awareness
-          Try to solve and understand our community the issue they facing everyday life.
-          Living with extended families is the norm. Young adults who move to the city to go to school live with relatives rather than live alone.
-          Similarly, people who do not marry tend to live with their extended families.
-          Divorce does occur, though proceedings must be initiated by the husband.
-          BY filming will allowed as to entertain and solve the issues in Immigrants Community. This will also make other community to understand the     --------  inspiration of  all cultural differences. This topic is enormously unique to Immigrants Community,
but will extremely benefit to the nationwide because, this film will teach how to come-back from negative to the positive to make your friend brighter better than before.

More videos coming soon!!!!!

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